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No Drilling - No Pain Dental Care

Going to the dentist is often associated with painful tooth drilling. But with our new innovative decay treatment this is no longer the case. So far, regular dental visits have allowed for decay to be detected early but that doesn’t mean that the drilling was avoided. However now, early decay can be treated painlessly and drill free too.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the progressive destruction of the tooth enamel which if left untreated can lead to cavity formation. Regular dental visits ensure early diagnosis and treatment of decay while effective tooth brushing acts as a preventing measure against it.  But there are areas that are difficult to clean making them more susceptible to tooth decay and these are the interdental spaces of our teeth. It is therefore essential to use interdental aids when brushing and have a professional Diamond Clean every six months.

Demineralisation is the start of early decay

The first indication of decay is a whitish-brown area on the enamel surface of the tooth which is an area of demineralisation ultimately leading to cavity formation. This area is a pore system that allows bacterial acids to penetrate further into the tissues. Our new innovative treatment stops bacterial penetration by filling the pores with a special resin ensuring that early decay is arrested without having to drill the tooth and compromising healthy tooth tissue.

Demineralised areas

You may have noticed white spots on your teeth that don’t go away with brushing. These white spots are smooth areas of demineralised enamel that appear as chalk white spots. Our new treatment can treat these spots without any invasive procedures giving your teeth back their natural colour.

The treatment step by step

This innovative treatment is done in one sitting and does not involve any drilling or anaesthesia. So decay is arrested, pain and drill free.

  • Once early decay is diagnosed the damaged tooth surface is prepared with a gel. This allows for the liquid resin to penetrate the damaged area.

  • The resin is the material that seals the porous demineralised area and as a result stops the progression of decay further into the tooth tissue.

  • Once the resin gets absorbed completely it is then light cured to provide a tight seal.

The benefits

First of all no drilling means healthy tooth tissue is preserved. The decay progression is arrested at an early stage preventing the formation of a cavity. And as for the aesthetic result, the whitish-brown or chalky white spots disappear completely leaving a healthy enamel appearance.

What’s next?

If you are worried about the health of your teeth, think you have early decay or you have white spots affecting the appearance of your teeth, book your consultation today at Artiste Studios - L’Orthodontiste. A complete examination of your teeth will be carried out and a treatment plan tailored to your needs formulated in order to meet your needs.


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