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At Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, we believe in providing good quality care and service. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations each and every time. We are happy when you are happy! If you love what we are doing, please let the team member know directly. It will put a smile on his/her face! In addition, you may provide more details below so we can reinforce what we do well.

We appreciate any specific information you may provide:

  • Whatʹs your opinion of the treatment and service youʹve received?

  • What is it that we do that you find the most valuable or rewarding?

  • Whatʹs the single most important benefit that youʹve gotten from coming to see us? Please quantify the results, if possible.

  • What type of person or people do you think we might be particularly good with?

  • What would you say to a friend who was thinking of joining us - but wasn’t sure?

  • Whatʹs the one thing that you want us to take away from your thoughts about the work we have done for you?

We hope it is not the case but if you have a concern about the service you have received from any member of our team, please let him/her know directly and they will try to help you. You may also provide feedback here to help us improve.

We shall keep your feedback anonymous if desired, so please feel free to provide details. Please also state if you wish for someone to get back to you.

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