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General Terms and Conditions

(with Frequently Asked Questions)

Below is our key terms and conditions that you agree to if you contact us or visit any of our practice locations. A newer version of this Notice will supercede any previous version. Please contact us if you have any questions or require any further information. 



Please note that our schedule may be booked well in advance. You are advised to make your appointment early and attempt to keep it. We would usually offer you a follow-up appointment following a session. We will not be responsible if your treatment is delayed or requires changes due to the inability for us to provide a convenient appointment for you. All appointments are payable at the point of booking and/or you are up to date on your financing payments. A 48-hour cancellation policy will apply due to staffing and preparations involved in getting ready for your visit. An administrative fee will be taken before rebooking your appointment.


Brochures and other information

All marketing brochures or leaflets, patient education information provided on the website or transmitted orally are for your benefit only. None of the information should imply applicability to your specific personal situation.


All communications between you and the practice are conducted primarily electronically (email or SMS), including any official notifications unless you have indicated otherwise in writing to the Practice. It is your responsibility to ensure that emails from are not blocked by your SPAM or Junk Mail filters. In the interests of continuously improving our service and ensuring best possible care, telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored.



Please find our complaints procedure here.



You will be given information about your specific treatment verbally before the start of a course of treatment which may include multiple sessions. You may also be given a written informed consent to read and sign to signify that you understand the procedure and consequences.

If you are under the age of 18 before the start of your course of treatment, even though you may provide consent for treatment, we may advise your parent or guardian about your treatment unless you specifically inform us not to.

You understand that in the course of dental treatments, factors may arise that necessitate a change in the proposed treatment plan. If you have any questions regarding the proposed and alternative treatments, please ask your dentist.


Credit Agreement

A credit agreement is required for any consultation or treatment not fully paid in advance and to secure an appointment. This may also be used for membership and financing. Please find the latest credit terms here.

Direct Debit

Artiste Studios subscribes to the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme and uses third party provider(s) for direct debit services. Please setup your Direct Debit here.


Emergency or Pain Relief

Emergency assessment and appointments may be provided as a benefit during normal practice opening hours. We will not be responsible for any direct and indirect inconvenience, loss or additional fees that may be incurred if we are unable to see you right away. Existing members: please send us a message with details of your concern and we shall strive to get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure you include a number for us to reach you at. Following certain procedures, you will encounter some levels of pain. With orthodontics, make sure you layer just the right amount of wax for better relief. If you are in extreme pain, please visit your local A&E department.

Legal Action

You agree you will not take any legal action against Artiste Studios except where Artiste Studios is prevented by law from making such exclusions or limitations. You will be required to submit to a complaints service or binding mediation/arbitration at our sole discretion.



Artiste Studios will not accept liability for persons or any damage or loss to personal property brought onto Practice premises.


Offers & Drawings

Artiste Studios reserves the right to change the terms of the offer up till the point of full payment and to cancel or amend terms to any Drawings.


Opening Hours

Practice opening hours are subject to change without prior notice. Only Mondays through Fridays are considered Business Days. The Practice is open on Saturdays by special arrangement only. Artiste Studios may at any time close any Practice premises or any part thereof, without prior notice, for training or in order to execute necessary repairs, alterations, re-decoration, or otherwise.

The Practice is closed on all bank and public holidays as well as extended summer and Christmas holidays. These do not constitute official Business Days.


Postage & Handling

In the event that it is required during the course of treatment and in exceptional circumstances you request that we post devices or accessories to you, you will be charged a nominal postage and handling fee. You may request information on the fees in advance. It is your responsibility to ensure that the devices or accessories fit well, and you understand that you should seek the advice of a local dentist if necessary. If it is an international shipping address, you acknowledge that we are providing this as a courtesy to you as a practice-based patient only. You are responsible for any import tax clearances and customs duties.


The privacy policy may be found here.


No refunds will be made for any course of treatment that has already commenced. This is due to the consultation time with the dentist and other costs that have been incurred.


Staff Treatment

The Practice strives to treat you with utmost respect and requests that you do the same with our staff. If you have any issues with any of our staff, please use the contact information above to send an email directly to management. This feedback is important to us and appropriate action will be taken. However, please be aware that staff abuse will not be tolerated and the Practice may cease or refuse to continue your treatment without any refunds. You will still be responsible for any outstanding payments to the Practice.


Telephone or Electronic Consultations

Telephone or electronic consultations may be used for your convenience only. However, you should understand this does not replace a face-to-face consultation which is necessary in order to make satisfactory and safe diagnoses and provide clinically appropriate advice.



All treatment estimates and reports may be provided verbally or in writing by the dentist. We shall provide you with professional care but are not responsible for any delays or losses for any reason as a result of your treatment with us. Verbal acknowledgement constitutes your agreement to go ahead with the proposed treatment which may be varied based on your circumstances and that will require additional fees. Artiste Studios will require the additional fees paid at that point in time to continue with treatment and provide you with the best clinical care.

All treatment estimates expire within 28 days if the treatment plan is not uptaken. As dental treatments are timely, treatments expire if you do not attend your originally scheduled appointment within 28 days and no fees will be refunded for incomplete treatment. You may receive a refund for treatments not started less administrative and non-refundable deposit fees.


Artiste Studios and/or L'Orthodontiste is a trading name of Artiste Ltd whose registered address is ETOS Building 3, London W4 5YA, Registered in England and Wales 7013572. L'Orthodontiste is a registered trademark, trademarks and/or servicemark of Artiste Ltd for orthodontic and facial rejuvenation services licensed worldwide. The Art & Science of Dentistry, Premier Dental Specialists and other terms used on this site or at The Practice are trademarks and/or servicemarks of Artiste Ltd. The Practice refers to any of the practice locations listed on our website. Use of this website is restricted. Additional terms and conditions of the practice and use of this website apply. Please request further information if necessary..

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