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Luxury Teeth Cleaning with Diamond Air Polishing Hygienist Services

Prevent people from telling what you drink! Teas, coffee and red wine all leave identifiable marks and are major culprits in darkening of teeth. Give your teeth and gums a treat- they will thank you for it! Our range of proprietary hygiene services can prevent stains building up and keep your teeth sparkly white. Enquire to find out which is most suitable for you.

A spray of air and sodium bicarbonate and a water jet meet to quickly remove plaque and stains instantly without pain. The precision and exact dispensing of this system are as highly developed as one would expect of legendary Swiss Quality.

The equipment used at Artiste Studios to perform our Diamond Air Polish is faster than conventional brushes, rubber cups, pastes and polishing strips and much more thorough, without being abrasive. Plaque, soft deposits and discolorations disappear quickly and painlessly - even from interproximal areas (hard to reach areas between the teeth). Ingredients are dispensed with precision and at a comfortable temperature and enjoyable taste since flavours such as mint, tropical and others are available.

Ideal for Tartar and stain removal the Air - Flow prophylaxis carried out in our Diamond Air Polish Hygiene Service means beautiful, smooth, white teeth. It's economical and unconditionally reliable and transforms a regular dental hygiene visit into a memorable experience worthy to be repeated.

Also useful for preparing the tooth surface for prosthetic and orthodontic appliances, cleaning tooth surfaces prior to fluoride treatment, cleaning diseased areas for improved diagnosis

Right afterwards, you'll be surprised at how smooth your teeth feel, and you'll be delighted by their bright, light appearance. Take a look in the mirror
It's probably the best you can do for maintain your gleaming white teeth before and after a professional Zoom whitening treatment carried out at Artiste Studios.


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