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The simplest Simple Smile Makeovers is to show cleaner, whiter set of teeth. Our Premier Whitening Program can help you achieve this with comprehensive assessment into your desires based on current shade.

Premier Whitening Program™

Professional In-Studio and Home Teeth Whitening Individualised for you

Now you can get that sparkling white smile you see in magazine ads, TV and film with a teeth whitening treatment customised for you. Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste is London’s Premier Dental Specialist Centre fully equipped to get you a new revitalized smile instantly! With a Premier Whitening Program™ which customises a variety of whitening methods in order to maximise the benefit for you, we are able to get the best results in the least amount of time and effort.

Coming in to our relaxed contemporary atmosphere will immediately set the mood for your next step to brilliant white teeth. In-Studio, we will provide a session to rapidly increase the results and set you on the path to beautiful pearly white teeth! The continuation to this sequence with at home tray use will ensure optimal long term results and an "Oscar Night" grin. Delivered by our premier concierge team, each whitening system has individual characteristics so come in to find out which is best for you!

Before any whitening is performed, suitability is assessed by an expert team to be sure that teeth whitening is in fact the best option to attain the bright smile you have been thinking about getting each time you catch a glimpse of your recently dulled grin in a mirror. With the various treatment options available to you at Artiste Studios, having the ability to provide you with a customised


Premier Whitening Program™ is just another benefit we provide and why you can rest assured that your teeth whitening will be a great experience, individualised for you.

Many of our patients enjoy the benefits of immediate results with Zoom whitening instead of wearing trays during the day or overnight for prolonged periods of time, while others prefer to manage their own whitening in the comfort of their home. Whichever your decision, your highly-trained cosmetic dentist at

Artiste Studios is able to assist you every step of the way.


The professional combination treatment is our guarantee to a Hollywood white smile. Inclusive of specially crafted whitening trays, this is our Premier Whitening Program™ at its best! We boast the only system in the world to guarantee that the teeth will get to a VITA shade B1 which is the whitest shade on a universal shade guide. It is known to often go above this scale but always maintaining a natural look. The in-studio phase will be combined with at home tray use. Super-sealed trays are confectioned after taking precise molds of your teeth which result in an exceptional fit during 2 weeks of at home wear.

Schedule an appointment today and see the difference.

Premier Whitening Program
Take Home Whitening

Take Home Whitening

Bring Professional Teeth Whitening Home, with an Artiste Studios’ Take Home Whitening kit

Are you a regular coffee or tea drinkers or a habitual smoker? These teeth staining substances along with others such as red wines, coloured fruit juices and vegetables all contribute to the change in the colour of your teeth. In other cases it is simply the effect of the normal aging process of teeth.


In most cases this type of tooth staining will respond favourably to Artiste Studios’ customised tray teeth whitening with a professionally confectioned gel. This is especially true for those people who feel that the colour of their teeth was quite pleasing some years ago but now have found that their teeth have become dingy, dull and yellow.


Typically yellow to brown tooth staining will respond more quickly and favourably to whitening treatments than shades of grey. A realistic time frame for treating an average case using a take home tray-based whitening system can be two to six weeks of daily bleaching with each bleaching session lasting on the order of two hours per day or night. It is certainly possible, however, that a person will start to see an improvement in as little as just a few whitening sessions. Darker tooth staining, such as that caused by a person's heavy smoking habit, might take upward of three months of treatment to successfully resolve, but might always be a good motivator to those wishing to beat the habit, what better time than now?


It has been suggested that, one hour of in-office whitening treatment can produce the same whitening effect as two weeks of Take home tray-based whitening and both are available at Artiste Studios.


What exactly is Take home teeth whitening?
The customized tray teeth whitening system involves the use of clear plastic trays that have been fabricated and adjusted so they fit comfortably over your teeth. You take these trays home along with our recommended whitening kit.
You place the whitening gel into your customized trays and then set them over your teeth. The trays are worn for an average of 2hrs per day or as instructed by your Artiste Studios specialist, for a series of days or weeks and watch as the effects of the whitening process take place.

What's the best teeth whitening system for you?
Which method seems to be the best fit with your lifestyle? Are you long on time and short on money? If so, it sounds like take-home teeth whitening might be the best choice in your case.


Do you have a big event coming up soon that you want to transform your smile for or maybe you just don't think you can incorporate do-it-yourself whitening treatments into your busy lifestyle? If this is the case then it seems that an Artiste Studios’ in-studio Zoom whitening might be the best solution.


Keep in mind, before any teeth whitening process is performed; you should have already had a Dental Essentials Cleansing or even a Diamond Cleaning. Both surface stain and tartar need to be removed from your teeth before the bleaching treatment is performed to an optimum degree.


Maintaining your sparkling bright smile. For best results:

  • Minimise staining substances such as coffee, tea and cola; red wine; sauces such as mustard and ketchup, soya and red sauces; staining fruits and vegetables, such as berries and beets; and tobacco products where possible

  • Minimise tartar and stain build-up with Diamond Cleaning™, a deluxe air polishing system that eliminates traces of coffee, tea and other addictions. This proprietary system is available at Artiste Studios

  • Practice good oral hygiene and seek regular professional dental hygiene care to maintain oral health


Enhancing your sparkling bright smile: We will be happy to remind you to return in 6 months for Diamond Cleaning and determine the need for top–up of your take home whitening kit.

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