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L'Orthodontiste Advantage

At Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, the application of the art and science with orthodontics is in the heart of what we do best.

Whether you have a child who you are looking to have the best start in a healthy and positively beaming life, or an adult looking for that special spark when you smile at your fullest, we are the place for you.

We are extremely proud to have many parents who are amazed at our care and the ultimate of their children and asked us if we can do the same for them!

You will find utmost precision in your treatment planning, coupled with excellent service in a relaxing environment here.

Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste is the ONLY place for you and your family.

Orthodontics Overview

Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontics literally means "tooth movement," and is mainly concerned with crooked teeth (malocclusions) and facial development (dentofacial orthopedics).

It is our understanding at Artiste Studios that the practice of orthodontics requires professional skill in the design, application and control of corrective forces being used by means of fixed and removable appliances (braces) to bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment and achieve facial harmony and look to achieve this for you.


This area of dentistry allows us to work with children at an interceptive stage, teenagers who need more care given their growth profile and increasing number of adults seeking quality care with Artiste Studios. It's a chance to not only improve your oral health, but boost your confidence as well by giving you a smile to be proud of.


Our team not only installs braces and fits you with retainers and other fixed and removable appliances, but also corrects jaw position and jaw joint problems employing the various latest techniques and superior material common to all treatments carried out at Artiste Studios.

Child Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics from age 7 may eliminate the need for braces. Exclusive Facial Profile Orthodontics for teens improves facial structure, bite function and oral care for life.

Adult Orthodontics

Premier Adult Orthodontics from Invisalign nearly invisible braces to clear ceramic to hidden lingual braces. Short-course and wedding packages are also available.

Premier Orthodontic Care Package

If you are looking for quality expert care, we can assure you that with Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, you will be treated by one of the best orthodontists in the UK.

Our Premier Orthodontic Treatment Package:

  • Brand new, high quality materials from leading suppliers

  • Comprehensive care and monitoring throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment and up to a year after your braces have been removed

  • Provision and fitting of full permanent retainers

  • An additional set of clear removable retainers

  • All adjustments during treatment. If our specialist notices anything that warrants intervention you can be sure that he or she will tailor your treatment plan appropriately

  • All emergency appointments during treatment. Should a breakage occur and you need an appointment, you can be sure that we will address the issue immediately at no extra cost to you

  • Access to our orthodontist who will be happy to answer any queries that you may have during treatment

Premier Orthodontic Care Package

Non-Extraction Orthodontics

Minimise extraction of any of your precious teeth for orthodontics at Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste

At Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, we try to keep your teeth where possible.

This comes with experience. In our experience, too many adults have come in for help because they have had teeth unnecessarily removed during their teens, resulting in collapsed smiles, and facial profiles.

We aim to try to rearrange your teeth to your existing facial structure, giving you the best chance for a great looking smile for years to come. Naturally, sometimes the extraction of teeth to make room is needed, and in those cases, we will plan to extract teeth that already have big fillings.


At Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, we will never perform “routine extractions” to make it easier to get your teeth straight.

Keep your teeth where they are supposed to be, in your jaw!

Implant Orthodontics

Multi-Disciplinary Approach with Orthodontics and Implants

Surgical Orthodontics

Multi-Disciplinary Approach with Orthodontics and Oral Surgery

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