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Preferred Membership

By invitation only

Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste offers Preferred and Corporate Dental Membership Plans for affordable premium care dentistry to suit your needs.

Being Part of a Premier Dental Practice

At Artiste Studios, we are dedicated to providing the best service we can for you. We listen carefully, provide solutions, perform high-quality treatment with great aftercare service, and we are proud of what we do.


We are committed to keeping on the forefront of advances in modern technology in a clean, relaxing environment. We encourage preventive measures - helping you to understand how to maintain a fit and healthy mouth which minimises the need for future dental work.


We are delighted to present our Preferred Membership, which enables you to access the treatment and support necessary to achieve your optimal dental health.

Benefits of Being a Preferred Member

Individualised quality care

Overall more time spent with each and every one, focussed on individual needs with customised care plans.


Priority treatment coordination with multidisciplinary dental team

Our team has easy access to your records, facilitating greater co-ordination for diagnosis and treatment planning.


In addition, you shall be able to obtain:

  • Appointment reservations in advance to suit your needs.

  • Priority access for emergencies or urgent care.

  • Clinician advice with telephone or video consultations.


Easy to budget

Access to quality dental care, with a simple way to budget for treatments and hopefully for you to enjoy looking after your teeth.


Reduced overall costs and healthier teeth

Early intervention prevents minor problems from developing over time into major ones, helping you to keep your own teeth for life.

Excellent complement to any corporate / individual dental insurance

There are no restrictions in working with standard dental insurance schemes, therefore allowing all your dental health needs to be met. Our members are able to claim their membership benefits back from their dental insurance.

Assistance with dental insurance claims

We can assist you in your submissions for claims with your existing insurance.

Belonging to Artiste Studios is definitely the right choice for your oral health and overall wellbeing. Thank you for trusting us with your care.

Preferred Membership is by invitation only and the recommended level is based on your personal requirements.

  • This is an annual membership plan. You will be invoiced for services utilised and discounts given on treatment pro-rated based on the benefits if you cancel within the membership year.

  • Payment will be taken by Direct Debit. Typical annual savings based on Exam & Hygiene. Additional savings are as outlined.

  • We shall provide emergency support over the phone and/or email within 2 business days. Please provide as much details as possible when contacting us so we can better assist.

  • Treatment Guarantee with free replacement covering all-ceramic crowns or bridges for active members in good oral health. This will not apply if proper aftercare is outstanding and/or an enhanced treatment plan is required. Professional fees apply.

How can I get an invitation to join the Artiste Studios Preferred Membership program?


Preferred membership is by invitation only, when you will be able to take full benefit of our care at the practice. If you are not currently with us, you may complete an initial complete examination and cleaning for our team to discuss your options with you.


What will you do at the initial complete examination?

We shall review your prior records, schedule an assessment with our lovely team to understand your oral history and determine your individualised needs. Finally we shall supplement your records with any examination or digital imaging that our team deems necessary.


Do I need to be dentally fit to join?

No, however we will advise you of your dental needs to restore your dental fitness, and we will help suggest the right level of ongoing care for you.


How soon can I begin claiming my membership benefits?

You may actively benefit from your membership in 3-6 months’ depending on your membership level.


Is there a joining fee?

Yes, the nominal fee is for administrative setup and activation of the direct debit.


How do I pay?

Monthly direct debit.


How do I join?

We can take care of your membership signup. You will choose your level with the Membership Agreement and setup a direct debit mandate. You will receive courtesy reminders when your exam and/or cleaning are due and you can rest assured that your dental fitness will be taken care of.


Is there anything else I should know?

Feel free to contact a member of the team at Artiste Studios and we will be more than happy to help you understand the full benefits of your membership.

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