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Zoom for Zoom!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Is your smile ready for video conferencing? Get your smile ready for Zoom video conferencing, with Zoom teeth whitening! :)

Someone said that "A dazzling smile can ignite a room, projecting an image of self assurance and high personal esteem.”

Now that can be your smile! Different techniques available here allow us to create brilliant pieces of work that we are immensely proud of. This is an exciting generation to be in dentistry and here at Artiste Studios, we are happy to discuss which would create the best synergy for you. With it be with veneers, cosmetic enhancements, straightening or Zoom teeth whitening, we have a solution for you.

Dentistry is often described as being both an Art and a Science since designing a perfect smile and producing the quality aesthetics that are its key ingredients require artistic expressions of work by dentist and technician. Well designed and fabricated dentistry not only has to look good, but has to have solid foundations based on medical and biological principles to succeed. Together art and science are combined to produce masterpieces of work, true expressions of labour.

Since no single approach serves the needs of every patient, careful consideration of alternative or combined approaches is essential to a beautiful and lasting result.

Book in for your smile consultation to get your smile camera ready!


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