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Healthy Gums for A Healthy Smile

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Gums are the armour of each tooth which provides defence against aggressive factors like bacteria. Gums should not bleed when you brush. Bleeding and swollen gums are the most noticeable signs of unhealthy gums. If it is left untreated it will recess the gums at a very high degree which puts you at risk of losing teeth.

Inadequate brushing is a common cause of gum bleeding and this is the sign of gingivitis. Basically, this is the inflammation caused by the bristles of your toothbrush not reaching the gum margin which means the plaque is not being removed. Plaque consists of millions of bacteria and from here the problem starts. So, it is very important to brush properly twice a day, floss between each and every tooth space to minimise the risk of plaque accumulation. This is in addition to attending regular dental check-ups.

It is good to cut down on sugary foods as much as we can and increase taking those foods that have Vitamin C in them. That is vital for healthy gums and teeth as it is needed for proper immune function. To facilitate the absorption and use of calcium to build strong and healthy teeth we should also take Vitamin D, Vitamin K and magnesium.

It's good to understand the status of your oral health, if you don't to book in as soon as possible and it is recommended to visit the dentist every 6 months for a check-up and clean. In this way, you can minimise the unremoved plaque from converting into a hard form known as calculus and also have any still soft calculus removed. Book in for your Full Diamond Cleaning or Deep Gum Cleaning today!

Good oral health is the key that provides confidence in you to speak or laugh freely without inhibitions in front of many people. Start taking care of your gums and laugh out loud today :)


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