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Top Tips for A Cleaner Whiter Smile

Everyone wants their teeth to look cleaner and whiter, right? Here we look at some of the top tips to help you achieve that:

Minimise drinking staining beverages throughout the day like coffee and teas, including herbal and fruit teas.

When brushing your teeth, spend 10 seconds brushing 2 teeth at a time. With electric brushes, rotating ones like Oral-B are very effective in removing stains on the sides of the teeth.

Use interdental brushes to keep the area between your teeth clean and prevent stains from building up.

Pay special attention to teeth that are not aligned as they are very often missed, and pick stains up easily. Or have your teeth straightened to minimise this.

Smile when the sun is shining. Sunlight has a bleaching effect, and while this may not yet be proven, I shall keep smiling as long as the sun is out!


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