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The Yummy Mummy Smile

When you have a small child constantly attached to your hip, it can be very difficult to get anything done. A simple eyebrow wax, eye examination or trip to the dentist can be put off indefinitely or the need to use up valuable babysitting favours in order to get treatment done.

Artiste Studios believes, not only is it important for your health so you don’t put things off, but mums need to be able to treat themselves. It can prove to be difficult feeling attractive when you can’t visit the gym, beauty spa or simply have your teeth cleaned. We want to really help mums give themselves the attention they deserve, to live their lives, and feel like they can have the treatment they need to keep them smiling.

Women, especially those with a family history of oral issues and who are going through hormonal changes, from pregnancy to menstruation to middle age, need to see the dental hygienist more often. These women should go from an annual visit to possibly every 6 months or maybe even more frequently if other symptoms are present. The hormones released during pregnancy can sometimes lead to gum disease and those who snack frequently are more likely to suffer from tooth decay. All these conditions can be controlled and some even prevented by making our dental hygiene team readily available to our special yummy mummies.

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