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The Essential Wedding Accessory

  • White dress

  • White designer pumps

  • White flower bouquet

  • White gloves

  • White bright smile for all your pictures... No? Now that could be a problem!

Ever too often, with all the excitement and anxiety brought on by the wedding planning, brides and grooms forget about the true essential wedding day accessory. An amazing white smile is something that will be recorded for years to come in every photograph taken on that very special day. Every bride and groom would want the chance to look back and think, “wow what a happy day that was, look at the way we are smiling” instead of “wow, what a happy day that was, what a shame we never did anything about our smiles!” Having less than perfect teeth makes one self conscious about showing a smile we are unhappy with which causes one to not smile at all during wedding photos and video recording. What a shame, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life and you are supposed to be able to show it!

The memories of the wedding day will be shared with family and friends, even your own children eventually and the thought of not being happy with the smile you wore that day alongside the designer dress or suit you had custom tailored, is an unfortunate, but very common situation. Now, more than ever, being unhappy with your smile is a thing of the past. By placing priority on a perfect wedding smile the options are many in order to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

Artiste Studios provides wedding smile makeovers specifically with this in mind. Starting treatment early will allow for thorough preparation of teeth, gums, even facial enhancement treatments, in order to ensure that the smile you flaunt is a reflection of how good you feel on your precious day. For those that put off treatment until closer to the wedding day, there is still hope, short course treatment is available even if that means having braces removed for the day and then placed back on afterwards, all this is possible at Artiste Studios. Transforming a smile for a wedding day, not only guarantees beautiful pictures and self confidence on the day, but is a transformation that will last a lifetime and benefit in all aspects of your adult life. Wedding Smile Makeover Checklist: ■ Replace old broken down metal or black fillings with protective tooth coloured fillings or aesthetic artistically crafted inlays/onlays for large decayed areas of the teeth. ■ Be rid of pain and repeated infections with specialised root treatment and a superior metal-free crown to restore important teeth and chewing forces. ■ Correct crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth in less than 6 months with revolutionary orthodontic treatment with braces that can be done almost invisibly. ■ Reshape unsightly chips and fractures of front teeth with sculpted veneer masterpieces. ■ Substitute a missing tooth with a premier implant, the next best thing to your real tooth. ■ Professionally whiten your now ideal teeth with an in studio whitening session for a brilliant overall smile that will be captured in pictures and on video. ■ Consider enhancing lips, softening wrinkles and rejuvenating your facial features in time for the big day ■ Have your essential cleansing done a week before the wedding to be sure your wedding smile makeover is also feeling fresh and clean enabling you to be confident about yourself and your new smile on the day.

It is without a doubt a fact that the power of a fabulous smile will accompany you not only on your wedding day but throughout your lifetime together and the benefits of this will be apparent in social and professional situations.

Customised premier wedding packages are readily available at Artiste Studios for the bride and groom as well as their parents and whole wedding party, to ensure that all individuals of this great event are covered. From whitening to straightening there are ideal packages for each and the ability to have the practice booked all to themselves and their wedding party adds to the overall experience. Need transportation for the whole gang? A hired car to bring the bride and groom along with the wedding party to and from the practice is just another perk available and is typical of the Artiste Studios difference when it comes to dental treatment.


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