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Sunshine in Your Smile

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As the sun brings on the first signs of true spring and the thought of summer just around the corner excites us, we will have the tendency to flash our smiles a lot more this time of the year.

Additional amount of daylight may also help extend the life and health of people's teeth and bones as noted in scientific articles. Research shows that the best means of obtaining the required amount of vitamin D is from natural sunshine.

Also known as the "sunshine vitamin," it is produced naturally by the body through casual and minimal sun exposure. Vitamin D is just as essential as calcium for healthy teeth and bones according to a paper that was published in the Journal of Periodontology.

But what if you are not confident with your yellowed, stained smile and refrain from flashing your grin? Artiste Studios has a variety of options available to get your smile to a bright, whiter grin in as little as an hour.

In-studio professional whitening allows clinicians to lighten your teeth an average of 8 shades. This procedure can be done during a lunch hour and instantly give you a newly revived smile to flaunt while out taking advantage the warm sunshine.

Take home whitening is an excellent option in order to obtain a sparkly new grin. A first appointment, where impressions of your teeth are taken in order to make a customised tray, is quick and easy. When your tray is ready, you are fitted with your bleaching tray and given full instructions on how to use your take home whitening kit. A few hours each evening and you will be waking up the next morning to a fantastic gleaming smile. What a great way to start your day!

Combining these two methods seems to be the ideal way to obtain and maintain a dazzling white smile. It almost seems too easy to zest up your smile in an hour and keep it that way on your own time, but it truly is and you can get it today.

So from all of us at Artiste Studios, we encourage you to wake up this morning and “smile – sunshine is good for your teeth” -Author unknown


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