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Face-Focussed Orthodontic Treatments for Teens

We offer an attentive and personalised service that ensures your child or teen attains their best treatment outcome.

We aim for Facial Harmony

Face-focussed orthodontics means analysing a child's natural pattern of growth of their facial bones and muscles, and determining the best course of orthodontic treatment to getting them in facial harmony. This means that not only do they get straight teeth, but we are also creating a beautiful facial profile in the process.

Where possible, we like to take advantage of a child’s own growth; that means, starting treatment before their natural growth spurts, as we can then utilise or guide growth of their jaws in a more favourable direction. This growth modification of the alveolar bones means that teeth will have more room and time to settle in preferred positions.

We have the Technical Expertise

Our use of cephalometric analysis to monitor growth in children and through adolescence enables us to predict and provide growth modifications, making use of natural adolescent growth spurts to optimise orthodontic treatment where possible.

We are a fully digital and paperless practice, and our records are seamlessly integrated allowing easy access for your clinicians for multi-disciplinary collaborations within the team.

We have a full complement of choice when it comes to systems for braces, whether it is removable retainer-type braces, removable clear aligners, fixed braces with choices of different colours, cosmetic braces and Invisalign ® Teen.

We offer an Attentive Personalised Service

Everyone is unique and each person develops at a different rate. Whether they have lost their baby teeth at a young age, or whether they have reached puberty with most of their baby teeth still intact, we will make the best recommendation for them.

Initial orthodontic assessments are recommended at 7 years of age; at that age, you have time to choose the most optimal time to start treatment for your child. Most parents seek an opinion when their child is in secondary school, and that is the most popular time for orthodontic treatment. Compliance is still good while teens are younger, that is before they start thinking of dating; in addition, teens are also keen to have braces while their peers are doing so.

However, even if your older teen has never had an orthodontic assessment before, and you’d like to see how they could benefit, it is still better late than waiting till adulthood. The jaws in teens continue growing till around 21 years and the earlier you seek advice, the more viable options there are. This will ensure that we can make the most use of their remaining growth to guide their teeth into a good bite.

We offer Special Priority Appointments

We are easily accessible by public transport, and within walking distance of many good schools in West London. Parents feel safe with their children in our care for after-school or lunch-time appointments if they are not able to accompany them.

On certain special occasions, such as brace fitting or planning for brace removal and the brace removal appointments themselves, you may like to attend with your child, and we are happy to accommodate your schedules as much as possible for these.

We offer Individualised Treatment Options

Why extract good healthy teeth when there are alternatives? Space is definitely required for straightening teeth, but extractions are just one way of obtaining space. Extractions of teeth as a routine treatment option can lead to collapsed smiles and faces later in life. The loss of healthy teeth themselves isn’t without cost: it puts additional requirements on the existing teeth when considering any future dental treatment.

It is an easy and quick solution, but routine extractions as a default treatment option for everyone may not be the best choice; their disadvantages can outweigh the perceived benefits gained with that space created, for example if they result in collapsed facial profiles. At Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste, we try to limit extractions where possible.

We offer tailored treatment, a typical case may include removable braces followed by fixed braces. High-technology Damon® System braces are available ; they are utilised for creating the space required in non-extraction cases. They also promise gentle and fast tooth movements due to their patented friction-free bracket and wire system. The end results are beautiful straight smiles.

We recommend an early assessment so that new teeth can be guided into position, rather than being extracted. It is best to seek treatment before your child reaches their growth spurt as there will be many more options for treatment.

Give us a call to see how we will personalise and guide your child’s facial development for a beautiful face and smile. We are available for telephone or video consultations prior to your visit to the practice in person.



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