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Dental Care for the Busy Working Professional

Professionals/Executives Many busy business executives may have let their dental health lapse while they were busy focussing on their career and moving to the top of their fields. We all want to appear healthy, alert and professional, and there is no better way to get the kind of results your profession demands than by having a polished confident smile. Can you imagine being able to seal that business deal with an amazing smile or attending that all important interview where first impressions really count with the flash of a friendly white smile?

Get straight teeth with no braces through invisalign or other aligner therapy Want whiter bright teeth in a lunchtime? Artiste Studios uses Zoom and other whitening systems to get your teeth to look younger and healthier Need to update old crowns, veneers and fillings, we can acheive tailored results in a minimum of time and fuss

As with all of our patients, our primary goal is to provide a stable, pain free, healthy mouth. In particular cases, as with all of our patients who have active lifestyles or are busy executives, appointment scheduling is critical. Special early morning or late evening appointments with extended treatment sessions can be employed to "fit" your schedule. We have even bought lunch for patients who have been in all-day for a full mouth crown preparation session. Soup only though to protect their teeth and lips :)

As a group, most people in this category are commonly known to accumulate cosmetic and reconstructive dental issues that can become complex. You will be surprised at how much enamel and dentine gets worn off from tooth grinding before someone presents it to us as a "problem", when it has been going on unnoticed for years! Busy work and social activities interfere with scheduling routine visits and making dental appointments. As time progresses, the failure to obtain the most routine treatment can actually accelerate the wear and tear process... which is normal, but more rapidly. Recovery from long appointment sessions for most procedures is quick, as most patients are on the phone as soon as they can talk that evening and are back to work the next day. Almost all continue with their business travels with provisional crowns and return for the final restorations in a couple of weeks. Dedicated laboratory support and great communication with the team is paramount in delivering a smile that fits the prescription! Whoever said the best smiles were delivered in a day? The ability to deliver this level of care requires the team of dentists to be skilled in all fields of dentistry. The ability to handle a root canal treatment during the visit is essential. The knowledge and technical know how to place implants is also a plus. The busy executive can have a healthy dentition, a comfortable bite, and the ultimate in cosmetic care in just a couple of visits. Artiste Studios wishes to serve the leaders of business in a way that enhances their appearance as well as their professional advancement. Nothing says more about a person more than a good healthy set of teeth. Make an appointment and begin your relationship with our dedicated team, Artiste Studios can change your life and get you smiling today and everyday.


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