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Covid-19 Orthodontic Tips

Covid-19 has kept us all indoors, and we hope you are keeping well during these times, and managing to staying motivated on your home care routine. We have compiled a few reminders that you might find useful till we next see you. 

To reduce the need for emergency appointments and your own discomfort, it is very important that you look after your braces in terms of maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene and avoiding breakages.

- Avoid hard, sticky and chewy sweets and foods. Remember to cut up foods such apples, carrots and crusty bread before eating them.

- Avoid sticky, chewy or hard sweets, mints and sugared chewing gum.

- Preventing damage to the tooth enamel and gums.

- Avoid sugary snacks/drinks between meals and at bedtime.

- Avoid fizzy drinks (including diet drinks and sports drinks) and large amounts of fruit juice.

- Keep up with maintaining good oral hygiene as that is still important: brush well, floss carefully and use mouthwash or regular salt water for your teeth and gargle your throat. Stay safe, laugh out loud and share your beautiful smile with your family and friends over the internet. We cannot wait to see you in person soon! XOXO


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