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Our talented team is made up of exceptionally-warm members;
each with experience and personal strengths contributing to your overall care.
It was the attention to detail that I found very impressive. Underlying infections that had been undetected for years had been thoroughly treated. All the planned steps of a treatment were always thoroughly explained in a way that I could understand.

Artiste Studios

The Leading Dental Practice in Hammersmith


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The Best Orthodontic Practice in  Hammersmith
Outstanding experience should come standard on your each and every visit. Our practice has a modern and crisp ambience offering a tranquil environment for your relaxation.
We believe that the key to excellent dentistry performed by our team of professionals is the environment that we are proud of. Consequently, we also attract the best dental team that you will find in London. Our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals may possess advanced degrees such as PhDs, referee peer review journals and are professors teaching aspiring graduate dental students, but most important of all, we are all are extremely dedicated to your care.

Our impeccable team pride ourselves in our ability to exceed your expectations on each of your visit by demonstrating outstanding customer service. We understand that your time is precious and will do our best to arrange appointments to fit your busy schedules. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit.
Visit us to experience our care for yourself. #best dentist hammersmith london
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Our Treatment Approach

Our Philosophy with Holistic Dentistry

Some people may have experienced the frustration of undergoing expensive cosmetic or restorative dentistry, only to have it break down soon afterwards and require repeated replacement. When crowns or veneers crack after just a couple years, bridges repeatedly need replacing, the problem may not be the dental work itself, but rather a lack of integrity and health in the underlying structures of the mouth: the bone, gums, bite alignment, and teeth.


It is important to establish a strong foundation before performing cosmetic or restorative dentistry to ensure success. Crowns will experience unnecessary wear and tear, causing them to break if the bite was not properly aligned in the first instance. Bridges placed on vulnerable teeth often will result in the loss of those teeth too, either through decay or gum disease and loosening of the teeth.


No amount of cosmetic dentistry can give you a beautiful smile if underlying gum disease is not treated to ensure the integrity of your teeth


At Artiste Studios, we always establish a patient’s initial dental health prior to performing any cosmetic or reconstructive work. You can be reassured that our clinicians will take the time to discuss your problems with you and consult with our other specialists to deliver the best outcome for you. Whether it is a full mouth reconstruction or a simple smile makeover, we strive to give you a beautiful fully functioning smile for many years to come.

We do not take short cuts, our methodology enables us to be thorough in ensuring that you have the best care and the final result is not just set of new teeth but understanding the importance of oral health and knowing how to maintain that. Not everyone will require all steps, but our general principles remain the same.


Step 1: Healthy Teeth, Bone, and Gums

This stage may involve extractions, periodontal treatment, or endodontics (root canals) to ensure that teeth, bone, and gums are healthy. This step is both preventative and corrective, and it prepares a solid foundation for any dental care that follows.


Step2: Removal of Decay

At this point, we remove any decay present in the teeth, filling cavities and ensuring the integrity of current fillings with Re vive protection for the tooth.


Step 3: Bite Correction

Some patients require correction of their bite in order to treat problems such as grinding, wear on the teeth, or strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ disorder). Orthodontics and orthodontic appliances are used to treat bite disorders and prepare patients for restorative treatment.


Step 4: Restorative Dentistry

Only once a patient has healthy bone and gums, is free of decay, and has a correctly functioning bite, will we perform restorative dental work. This is the crown and bridge stage, when fixed prostheses are placed or oral surgery such as tooth implants is performed.


Step 5: Cosmetic Dentistry

Finally, we perform any cosmetic dentistry procedures the patient has requested, confident that our veneers, whitening and other cosmetic procedures are placed on a strong, healthy foundation and that the dazzling results can be maintained for life.


Interested in Having a Beautiful Smile for Life?

If you are serious about your dental health and ready for a beautiful smile that will be yours for life, then Artiste Studios can help. Contact our practice today to learn more or to set up an appointment.

Be Impressed with Our Comprehensive Consultation and Treatment Approach

Our Philosophy

World-Class Dental Digital Technology

Fully integrated and computerised digital technology used by our team of professionals for your care

Our practice is fully integrated and computerised, boasting both digital intra-oral camera, x-rays, extra-oral panoramic and cephalometric x-ray systems on site.


We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment including digital imaging systems which minimise radiation by up to 70% compared to standard x-ray systems, the safest sterilisation and dental technology ensuring that your dental health is second to none.


This substantially reduces patient exposure and eliminates waste and health hazards of traditional film processing as well as the convenience of having these X-rays taken within the premises. Along with this, the existence of chair side viewing of any visual aids the Specialist would like to display to the patient during a consultation, adds to the overall patient experience. 

The entire team takes full advantage of our fully digitalised paperless practice so records and references are available instantly to facilitate communications in comprehensive treatment planning.


We use high-resolution displays to show you x-rays and pictures of your teeth magnified on screen. Images can also be emailed directly to consulting dentists or technicians allowing for more effective communication regarding your treatment.

The Intra-Oral Camera
We use a small wand with a camera inside to show you your teeth on the overhead computer screen. This allows us to see things better and allows us to diagnose problems earlier. The higher magnification (up to 20 times) is useful during procedures so that we can do a better job.

Digital X-rays
A digital sensor is used to capture the image. The increased sensitivity of the sensor coupled with the power of digitisation allows us to significantly reduce radiation exposure time. The benefit is lower radiation to you. The image is seen on the computer screen instead of on film.

Digital Panoramic X-rays
A panoramic x-ray allows us to see all of your teeth and upper and lower jaw on one image. We can also see your jaw joints. This special type of x-ray requires much less radiation than conventional methods.

Digital Cephalometric X-rays
A cephalometric x-ray allows the Orthodontists to view a side-profile of your teeth and bone structures. This allows them to better plan your treatment. They will look at the entire face to determine the best way to get the teeth aligned in the right way for you, according to the size of your teeth and jaws.

Magnifying Loupes

We use magnifying loupes that enlarge the image of your teeth allowing the practitioner to observe details not easily visible to the naked eye. Practically, magnification allows better precision and improved quality of work.

World-Class Digital Technology
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