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World-Class Digital Technology used by Our Specialists for Your Treatment

Our practice is fully computerised, boasting both digital intraoral camera and x-rays and extra-oral panoramic and cephalometric x-ray systems on site. This substantially reduces patient exposure and eliminates waste and health hazards of traditional film processing as well as the convenience of having these X-rays taken within the premises. Along with this, the existence of chair side viewing of any visual aids the Specialist would like to display to the patient during a consultation, adds to the overall patient experience. 

We use computers to show you x-rays and pictures of your teeth magnified on screen. Images can also be emailed directly to dentists or technicians allowing for more effective communication regarding your treatment.


We use magnifying loupes that enlarge the image of your teeth allowing the practitioner to observe details not easily visible to the naked eye. Practically, magnification allows better precision and improved quality of work.


The Mini Mouth Cam

We use a small wand with a camera inside to show you your teeth on the overhead computer screen. This allows us to see things better and allows us to diagnose problems earlier. The higher magnification (up to 20 times) is useful during procedures so that we can do a better job.


Digital X-rays

A digital sensor is used to capture the image. The increased sensitivity of the sensor coupled with the power of digitisation allows us to significantly reduce radiation exposure time. The benefit is lower radiation to you. The image is seen on the computer screen instead of on film.


Digital Panoramic X-rays

A panoramic x-ray allows us to see all of your teeth and upper and lower jaw on one image. We can also see your jaw joints. This special type of x-ray requires much less radiation than conventional methods.



Digital Cephalometric X-rays

A cephalometric x-ray allows the Orthodontists to view a side-profile of your teeth and bone structures. This allows them to better plan your treatment. They will look at the entire face to determine the best way to get the teeth aligned in the right way for you, according to the size of your teeth and jaws.


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