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Finally got your teeth to the right spot? Now keep them there with Invisible Retainers!

Invisible Retainers to ensure your investment lasts- Custom-made for each and every patient!


Orthodontic retainers are an oral appliance which hold your teeth straight and are used as a follow up to any fixed brace treatment. They reduce the risk of teeth going back to their undesired position after treatment.


Retainers are designed to help ensure that your wonderful smile and all the beautifully aligned teeth stay exactly that way and do not shift or change. We always advise that retainers be worn on a long term basis, as teeth can move throughout life.


Inivisible retainers fall into the category of bonded wire fixed retainers. There are many types of fixed retainers, but the main ones of interest are called lingual bonded fixed retainers. This is basically a small thin metal bar or wire which is glued or bonded with a special adhesive to the insides of the front teeth. The fact that they are attached to the inner tongue side of the teeth means that they are not visible. For some patients who just absolutely can not wear any form of removable appliances, such as Hawley retainers of clear retainers, a bonded fixed retainer is an option.


Bonded fixed retainers are sometimes the only answer for particular types of retention challenges such as preventing a big space or diastema from re-appearing between the upper two front teeth. In such cases permanent retention is needed to maintain successful closure. Even minor tongue pressures or forces due to chewing can cause a space to re-appear.

We can fabricate your retainer on the spot and fitting it on the same day that you have your braces removed, giving you maximum reassurance that no undesired tooth movement can occur.

Benefits of invisible retainers:

■         Very aesthetic and can not be seen because they are attached to the inside of the teeth

■         Are permanent which means you do not have to worry about misplacing them

■         Very discreet and barely noticeable, and do not need to be removed for eating or for sports

■         Require less maintenance & cleaning than removable clear or Hawley retainers


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