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Twitter your friends about your Invisalign Teen smile!

Justin Bieber wears Invisalign Teen, now you can too!

Thought Justin Bieber had everything? Not a great smile, evidently! At the recent Brit Awards in London, he was spotted wearing his Invisalign aligners.


Extremely Discreet

Invisalign aligners are so discreet that even Justin didn’t remove them when he was on the red carpet! They work by a series of removable clear aligners that you keep in place for 20-24 hours a day, removing them for eating and cleaning only. We’re happy to see that Justin is diligently wearing his braces, but if you’re reading this, Justin, and if you ever need an orthodontic appointment when you are in London, give us a call 0208 563 2864.


Shy About Wearing Braces?

Invisalign Teen gives you a whole new way to wear braces for a "clearly" amazing smile!Free Your Smile with Invisalign Teen Braces. Invisalign teen Platinum Provider L'Orthodontiste gives you the option to either have a discount invisible braces upfront or provide a financing plan for braces

Not excited about having braces?

I have enough to worry about... I need braces too? 
Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste is an Invisalign Platinum Provider so it allows us to provide cheap braces for teenagers and children

The team has a game this Friday night, half term is in a month, and what about my graduation pictures?! No need to stress out, with Invisalign Teen you won't need to turn down any dates, wear a paper bag over your head, or hide out in your room for two years! 


Invisalign Teen is a perfect fit for your lifestyle

■         Clear 

■         Removable 

■         Super comfortable 

■         Customised just for you 


With Invisalign Teen you can eat whatever you want!

Your friends have probably told you that with braces you won't be able to eat all the things you like. Pizza, problem!



Removable and Very Convenient

Unlike traditional metal braces, your Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, which means you can go ahead and eat all the things you love without worrying about breaking a bracket or losing a rubber band. Cheers!
It's your life, keep it that way!


Have Your Invisalign Teen Provided by an Invisalign Platinum Specialist Orthodontist!

Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste is London's premier Invisalign and Invisalign teen provider. We are a specialist practice that can provide low-cost Invisalign teen and options for braces not available to your NHS orthodontist. We are one of few London practices that hold Invisalign's Platinum Provider status. Call us today to speak to our lovely Clinical Manager who can answer any questions on orthodontics for teenagers.



Alternatively, fill out our no-obligation enquiry form below:

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Invisalign Teen clear braces that you or your friends will not even notice. Call Artiste Studios - Invisalign Platinum Provider today!

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