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Children’s Facial Harmony, Achieved through Functional Orthodontics or Orthopaedic Orthodontics

Functional orthopaedic orthodontics means treating the jaw posture, tooth relationship, muscle relationship and head and neck posture as a whole. When evaluating each patient the upper and lower dental arch development is examined carefully with the aid of our fully digitilised panoramic and cephalometric radiographic systems.

State of the art computerised Diagnostics, Functional Jaw Scans, and a Cephalometric Arch Analysis are used before beginning the treatment: 

  • To determine the proper jaw sizes
  • To determine proper jaw position in relation to each other
  • To determine any posturing problems of the head and neck
  • To determine if there are airway breathing problems
  • To determine if there are abnormal tongue posturing problems
  • To determine an optimal jaw relationship for form, function and comfort
  • To identify a correct treatment end-point for proper tooth positioning

Functional Orthopaedic Orthodontics affect how the muscles, jaw joints and teeth relate to one another. Proper harmonisation of the teeth with the jaw joints and muscles allow the teeth to wear and function evenly, be stable and decrease any trauma to the surrounding supporting bone. This is a very important approach that will help you achieve your goals of an improved profile and facial appearance, as well as the establishment of a proper joint position that ensures optimum temporomandibular joint (TMJ) health, appearance and comfort.

With the use of functional appliances, a proper tongue and jaw position is created to eliminate negative forces on the teeth. Narrow dental arch forms are properly developed to a full contour enhancing breathing and appearance.


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