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Ceramic Clear Braces perfect for a wonderful yearbook smile


Cosmetic Braces for shy teenagers!

Ceramic/tooth coloured appliances for improved cosmetics are available

The brackets attached to the teeth are made of porcelain and therefore blend in beautifully with the background colour of the teeth.


The appliance works along the same principle as more visible braces, with a fine wire connecting the brackets and moving the teeth gently to the correct position. The appearance is much better due to the lower visibility of the porcelain brackets.


Smooth, Comfortable and Discreet

Lips and cheeks are less traumatised with these smooth brackets.


Some cosmetic braces are white or coloured to match a particular tooth colour. But since we all have different tooth shades, these braces frequently stand out. Radiance crystal-clear braces are the most discreet braces available, regardless of tooth colour.


Every Radiance bracket is a polished jewel, made from pure grown sapphire, second only to diamond as the toughest mineral known to exist. Each crystal is honed and then heat polished into a superbly smooth, incredibly clear and astoundingly strong bracket.


Straight teeth before you know it!

Radiance’s monocrystalline structure and highly polished surface serve as barriers to stains so they won’t discolour over time, and you'll look great throughout your treatment. Invisibly straighten your teeth with the confidence that can only come from Radiance pure sapphire brackets!


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