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Come in for Implant surgery, go home with new teeth! Truly Amazing and Possible at Artiste Studios.

The 'Same Day Teeth' concept has revolutionised the way in which our patients can be treated with implants. Conventional implant methods can take 6-9 months to complete with multiple visits - but with 'Same Day Teeth' the implants are inserted and a fixed bridge is fitted all in the same day. This type of treatment offers a viable, permanent solution to tooth loss and can put an end to the devastation many patients experience as a result of tooth loss. This can involve severe emotional and psychological problems as a result of losing their teeth, lack of confidence in social situations and when eating out. Recent scientific studies would suggest that denture wearers have a reduced amount of fibre in their diet which can result in gastro-intestinal problems in later life and increased medication for digestive disorders.


The results are truly amazing; our patient can bite into and eat an apple on the same day and will not stop smiling to show off his/her new teeth.


Same day teeth can be provided using Premier dental implants or the new mini and midi implants. Conventional implants must be used when a tooth is extracted and a dental implant placed immediately into the socket and they may also be used when there are no teeth present. Mini and midi implants can only be used where a tooth or teeth requiring replacement have been missing for at least 6 months.


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