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Dental implants are the closest that one can get to having a real tooth. Predictable and reliable, our easily accessible implant surgeries mean that you no longer have to suffer with dentures or bridges as replacement teeth.


A dental implant is a titanium screw inserted into the bone where the tooth root used to be with a final crown bridge or denture affixed to replace the missing tooth or teeth. In some cases where there is significant bone loss, bone grafting may be required and this can be either done before the implant surgery or at the same time.


The use of dental implants to replace a missing tooth or teeth, does not involve the neighbouring teeth. This improves the long term health of these teeth as additional stresses are avoided and they can be cleaned much more easily compared to if they were bridged. If multiple teeth are missing, bridges may not be suitable anyway as there will be insufficient teeth to bear the load of the long span bridge.


For denture wearers, implants play an important role in stabilising dentures, allowing you to reacquaint yourself with the wide array of foods that you have been missing. In Same Day Teeth cases, patients can even have steak for dinner on the same day as the surgery!


Dental Implant Systems

At Artiste Studios, we are trained in the use of Nobel Biocare, Straumann, ITI and 3I- implant innovations, dental implant systems which are all leaders in their field, complementing each other and enabling us to tailor dental implant treatment to the needs of each individual patient. Most patients who are treated with any of these systems should expect life long replacements for their missing teeth. Now, in about 50% of cases treated at our specialist centre, we provide newly implanted teeth the same day as the original teeth are extracted or, when there are no teeth present, the same day as the implants are placed. This can be accomplished with implant and mini implant systems.



Benefits of Having Dental Implants


Loss of teeth creates loss of bone. As more teeth are lost so is the corresponding bone and this leads to eventual collapse of the facial structure. Dental implants are replacement tooth roots which maintain the alveolar bone and preserve facial integrity, making your smile full and healthy.


With the aesthetic components available today, it is possible to create a very nice final restoration that is securely attached, giving you the confidence to smile and laugh again.


There is no more need to affect healthy neighbouring teeth to support bridges or dentures. Implants do not require any support from adjacent teeth and because the tooth is free standing, you can clean it like a natural tooth. Implants restore your natural biting and chewing ability, allowing you to bite into an apple once again.


Implants do not decay; they maintain the surrounding bone and are a good long term solution. The initial cost for replacing a missing single tooth is higher for an implant, but in the long term is less than having bridges remade several times during your lifetime and the comfort along with the aesthetic result is invaluable.


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