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No More Sleepless Nights, Anti-snoring Solutions Available at Your Artiste Studios’ Dentist

Sometimes when we sleep, the muscles which hold our airway open, relax and partially collapse, slightly obstructing the flow of air causes a vibrating sound known as snoring. In serious cases, the airway can actually close completely, resulting in sleep apnoea which is the momentary shortage of air.


How serious is snoring?

Snoring alone is not necessarily detrimental to your health. It may however, be the sign of a more serious condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). While not everyone who snores suffers from sleep apnoea, if you have been heard to gasp for breath or have sudden spells of drowsiness during the day, then you should obtain a referral to a qualified specialist.


Artiste Studios Specialists can help manage snoring and sleep apnoea. Together with your GP and sleep physician, we can make an appliance to hold your jaw forward, preventing it from collapsing whilst you are asleep. To make the appliance, we will take records of your teeth and have the laboratory custom-make the appliance to fit your mouth


 As part of our extensive range of services, we can also prepare and fit anti-snoring devices to help patients who suffer from sleep apnoea and other related sleeping disorders. Patients who snore also suffer abnormal sleep patterns; which in turn interrupts the amount of actual sleep gained in any one night. Naturally this leads to lack of concentration and the inability to deal with relatively simple tasks. Our specially designed systems eradicate the snoring problems that occur in certain patients. Please ask for information on our anti-snoring systems; especially if you would like to regain precious hours sleep and put the drive back into your life.


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