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Don’t Just Have Your Broken Down Tooth Patched Up, Get Protective Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding can be used to place white fillings (composite fillings) for teeth. People no longer want silver fillings that show when they laugh or smile because you are more conscious about the way you look. Composites are bonded to the tooth to support the remaining tooth structures which helps to prevent breakages and further tooth decay as well as insulating the tooth from excessive temperature changes

Dental composite fillings for front teeth
Dental composite, the restorative that is used with tooth bonding technique, has been the material of choice for creating tooth-coloured fillings for front teeth for many decades. Current dental composites come in a wide range of shades that will typically mimic very closely the colour of the tooth on which it is placed. An Artiste Studios’ filling for front teeth will correct fractures and restore any cavity, with strong and suitable tooth coloured material that will prevent further tooth decay and provide an aesthetically pleasing result.

White fillings for back teeth
In some instances dental composite can be an appropriate restorative for fillings placed in back teeth. Patients often like this option because the white colour of composite fillings is much less noticeable than the silver coloration of dental amalgam fillings. Exposed roots can now be protected with a thin layer of bonding to decrease sensitivity and increase tooth strength.

Restore the natural beauty and strength of a damaged tooth, at Artiste Studios, we us highly aesthetic strong composite material, along with polishing and finishing techniques to ensure your protective tooth bonding costs you less over time and makes you feel good.


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