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Artiste Studios Tooth Stem Cells Banking Partner - BioEden

Why did we choose to partner with BioEden?

Because BioEden is a team of scientists, innovators and creators on the journey of a lifetime. Driven by their passion for exploring and developing the thrilling potential of emerging medical science.

More importantly, the people at BioEden are committed and nice to work with. Those are the partners that Artiste Studios teams with.


Why did BioEden choose to partner with us in London?

Mum with child wondering what the future will hold for stem cell therapy

Artiste Studios is one of London's leading practices and we place immense importance on preventative children's dentistry. We believe greatly in parent education starting from when their children are infants, supporting them in thumbsucking cessation and promoting premptive pre-orthodontic solutions so that children's adult teeth can grow naturally. Educating parents and monitoring children's teeth and facial growth are our passions. BioEden believe that we have the support in place to promote tooth stem cell extraction.


Why should I call Artiste Studios now?

The younger you register your child, the more chances you have to extract viable tooth stem cells. Furthermore, tooth stem cells may be more plentiful in the first few teeth (front teeth) that fall out. Beyond the enrolment kit you will get from from BioEden, Artiste Studios is able to assist you with periodic checks and help extract the teeth where desirable if you register directly with us.

We are running an exclusive pilot scheme that encompasses the West London area. To learn more about how we can help you and your school, please contact us. 



The global leader in the collection and preservation of tooth cells taken from children’s milk teeth and wisdom teeth


We extract dental pulp from the tooth and isolate the tooth cells from the dental pulp. We perform annual validation to ensure our process can isolate cells from teeth that test positive for Mesenchymal stem cell markers. The tooth cells are then cryogenically stored ready for use should your child ever need them

Other companies who offer this service store either the tooth or the dental pulp. BioEden isolates the cells from the dental pulp and evaluates them to check that they are viable before storing them. This method allows for a significant number of healthy cells to be preserved.


We will let you know if the cells aren’t viable for storage and guarantee to process the next tooth at no extra charge, if required


  • Support and update you at every step
  • Thoroughly test the tooth cells
  • Only store a viable sample
  • Give you customer care 24/7
  • Ensure secure processing and storage
  • Give you quick and easy access to your cells
  • Never stop exploring the science

Our UK facility is formally approved and regulated by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA).


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