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Why take your child to Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste?

At Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, we believe that foundations for a lifetime of good dental awareness begins when children are little. We embrace a  preventative philosophy and aim to teach young children the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. We reserve more time per appointment so that the appointment is relaxed and fun, and each child learns to love the dentist!


What are the things that we look out for at your child's dental examination?

  • The teeth present, noting displaced, unerupted or missing teeth
  • Oral hygiene levels
  • Cavities and future susceptibility to cavities
  • Presence of gum disease/conditions
  • The soft tissue pattern
  • The position of the lips at rest
  • Tongue position during speech and swallowing
  • The presence of thumb and finger sucking habits
  • The bite, noting how much the teeth protrude and overlap, any deviation to the centreline, crowding or spacing, crossbites.
  • Whether there is any displacement of the jaws when closing
  • Skeletal discrepancy

After the initial examination, we will note our findings and let you know how your child is doing with their toothbrushing, and if there is anything that requires further attention. You may join our child membership program for only £8 a month. In addition to the benefits of membership, this will include a children's 20-point examination and cleaning every 6 months, and as always, at convenient times to suit both your schedules.
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