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We are open by special appointment

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We are London's premier dental practice. We have been managing an appointment system to make it as relaxing as possible. The only difference is that we try to do the initial assessment over the phone or video first.

As you can understand, it is difficult to get an appointment with a dentist as we are under special infection control and limited in terms of what can be safely performed at this stage.

At this time we are prioritising members who:

  • either need urgent or emergency care

  • or have interrupted care

  • or are at risk of deterioration

If you think you may be in these categories, please get in touch! 

Care for our members comes first. If you are a current member of the practice, please email us and we shall be more than happy to help you.


If you are not a current member of the practice, we are able to start the process towards your treatment and place you on a wait list after your initial consultation. Where we are able to, we shall try to slot you in at short notice.

You may register with us online now and view our updated information on Covid-19.

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