Update on Covid-19


Providing a relaxing and safe environment for your care

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Updated 2021-12-10

Please check this page as any changes to our operations will be posted here. You do not need to contact the practice unless you have other urgent questions.

We are monitoring the Omicron variant and do not anticipate any significant impact at this time. To keep everyone safe, please ensure your declarations are accurate. Your informed consent shall continue to be in effect, unless you advise us otherwise in writing. You are required to inform us of any changes to the declarations as soon as possible.

The Covid-19 Informed Consent and Declaration form will need to be returned when requested otherwise the tentative appointment will be released. Please also update your medical history when required. Please click on the above links to access them. If you are having trouble loading the form, please use the alternate form in the email.

Hello from the Team at Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste.

We are constantly following updated guidances and best practices for the management of patient care. In addition, the team has been working hard to prepare for the current situation and be ready for your next visit.

Please feel free to reach out to us by email or online if you have any questions that are not addressed here. We will try to take your calls but understand that we may be delayed in answering the phone as we may be operating under higher levels of infection control.

We are able to provide our full range of services for a limited number of sessions. We have implemented the following protocols during this current situation.

Phone or Video Consultations

Our team has been fully available to you during these times.

We are a fully digital practice and have been working as an integrated team throughout this process.

Phone or Video consultations continue to be available and will be used in the first instance to assess any issues prior to your visit to the practice. We request that you email or call us rather than come into reception as we are open by special appointments only at this time. 

Special Appointments

With regards to special appointments, given the current Covid-19 situation, we are observing the guidances of the CDO and FGDP on establishing temporary protocols to ensure the safety of you and the team. Please note that while we are taking utmost precautions, there may be a small possibility that infection may be spread due to the nature of dentistry.

Please understand that we may be limited in what we will do to minimise risks so the dentistry that we practise may be different. We may have to modify our technique and perform treatment that may not necessarily be our optimal option during normal times. Where we used to have you come in post-treatment to review and ensure optimal results, we are suspending the courtesy visit at this time.

Due to the nature of the different procedures, we have to schedule the appointments in sessional blocks as much as possible. Where we are able to see you, you may receive a short notice request to come to your appointment and we hope you understand that we may not be able to accommodate as much as we would like to in normal circumstances.

We normally would reserve relaxed sessions for you and confirm your appointment with payments taken in advance. This has not changed as we now reserve an even longer session for your care. We shall try to keep your appointment as usual but do understand that we may have to rearrange at short notice. We are sure you know that it is highly unusual for us to even suggest this but any credit will be automatically rolled over to the next appointment slot we are able to schedule for you. Please make sure you check your appointment confirmations carefully.

Treatment Consent & PPE

You will be asked to provide a Covid-19 Treatment Consent online prior to the appointment to ensure that you have not been exposed to. If your situation changes at any time prior to the appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to reschedule you as soon as practical. This is especially important given the limited number of slots and PPE available. Please understand that we would not be able to accommodate your filling of these forms at the practice so they should be done digitally when you receive them according to the instructions.


We have been and continue to practise high standards of cross-infection control. As you are aware, our appointment times are scheduled much longer compared to normal dental practices and we strive to always keep our appointments with you.

Our ventilation system is Swedish-designed. We have supplemented that with HEPA air filtration with an integrated UV disinfectant unit to thoroughly change the air in the surgery. We have extended the length between procedures to ensure the room can be thoroughly cleaned prior to your visit.

The prices of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes face masks, face shields, gloves and aprons/gowns has gone up astronomically. We kindly request that you contribute a nominal £10 up to £60 depending on procedure towards the cost of the increased PPE requirements when booking each appointment session. This will be placed in a separate fund for the provision of PPE and enhanced measures, and we will remove this once the situation has returned to normal. If you are unable to make this contribution, please email us in confidence.

Coming into the Practice

We have always welcomed you and your family to visit with us. However, unless it is necessary for an accompanying person, please come to the appointment by yourself and ring the doorbell only at the appointed time. If there are any changes, we shall call you to let you know so please keep your mobile phone handy. We have always kept appointments running smoothly and we aim to minimise the number of people at reception. Please be on time as we shall have to cancel your session with a cancellation charge if we are unable to reach you at your appointed time. This is to ensure that it is fair to the next person to ensure there is adequate time to thoroughly clean the surgery.

Please remember to brush your teeth before you come. You are requested to come in wearing a mask. A homemade or cloth face covering is sufficient. You shall be asked to set this aside at specific time and asked to rewear it when we do not need to see your lovely smile. We will check your temperature with a contactless temperature scanner at the door before you come in and request that you disinfect your hands and rinse your month with mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide. This may not be the same as a Nespresso coffee but we trust you appreciate the level of care we take.

During this time, other normal practice facilities including our washrooms will not be available for your use, we hope you understand.


We shall provide you with details and aftercare shall be via phone or video followup where necessary. If there is anything we can do to help you, please do not hesitate to let us know.


We trust that you appreciate the care we have provided you in the past and we hope we shall be able to continue to provide excellent service during these times.


Yours Sincerely,

The Team at Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste