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Some people may have experienced the frustration of undergoing expensive cosmetic or restorative dentistry, only to have it break down soon afterwards and require repeated replacement. When crowns or veneers crack after just a couple years, bridges repeatedly need replacing, the problem may not be the dental work itself, but rather a lack of integrity and health in the underlying structures of the mouth: the bone, gums, bite alignment, and teeth.


It is important to establish a strong foundation before performing cosmetic or restorative dentistry to ensure success. Crowns will experience unnecessary wear and tear, causing them to break if the bite was not properly aligned in the first instance. Bridges placed on vulnerable teeth often will result in the loss of those teeth too, either through decay or gum disease and loosening of the teeth.


No amount of cosmetic dentistry can give you a beautiful smile if underlying gum disease is not treated to ensure the integrity of your teeth


At Artiste Studios, we always establish a patient’s initial dental health prior to performing any cosmetic or reconstructive work. You can be reassured that our clinicians will take the time to discuss your problems with you and consult with our other specialists to deliver the best outcome for you. Whether it is a full mouth reconstruction or a simple smile makeover, we strive to give you a beautiful fully functioning smile for many years to come.


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