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We do not take short cuts, our methodology enables us to be thorough in ensuring that you have the best care and the final result is not just set of new teeth but understanding the importance of oral health and knowing how to maintain that. Not everyone will require all steps, but our general principles remain the same.

Step 1: Healthy Teeth, Bone, and Gums

This stage may involve extractions, periodontal treatment, or endodontics (root canals) to ensure that teeth, bone, and gums are healthy. This step is both preventative and corrective, and it prepares a solid foundation for any dental care that follows.


Step2: Removal of Decay

At this point, we remove any decay present in the teeth, filling cavities and ensuring the integrity of current fillings with Re vive protection for the tooth.


Step 3: Bite Correction

Some patients require correction of their bite in order to treat problems such as grinding, wear on the teeth, or strain on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ disorder). Orthodontics and orthodontic appliances are used to treat bite disorders and prepare patients for restorative treatment.


Step 4: Restorative Dentistry

Only once a patient has healthy bone and gums, is free of decay, and has a correctly functioning bite, will we perform restorative dental work. This is the crown and bridge stage, when fixed prostheses are placed or oral surgery such as tooth implants is performed.


Step 5: Cosmetic Dentistry

Finally, we perform any cosmetic dentistry procedures the patient has requested, confident that our veneers, whitening and other cosmetic procedures are placed on a strong, healthy foundation and that the dazzling results can be maintained for life.


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