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Ground breaking treatment options: Attaining skeletal anchorage with Implant Orthodontics

When planning the biomechanical aspects of any orthodontic treatment for a specific patient, it is important for our Orthodontist to consider not only the forces required for the necessary tooth movement to achieve your objectives, but also the undesired tooth movement that may occur in response to these forces. In the past, Orthodontists have searched for the perfect anchorage in order to minimize these undesired tooth movements. Headgear, elastics, adjacent teeth, and any number of appliances have been suggested as options; however, the main drawback was that most relied on patient compliance in order to be successful and this can make the outcome somewhat unpredictable. Implants provide skeletal anchorage, which is undoubtedly more predictable and stable than methods requiring patient compliance.


It is obvious that implants have changed, and will continue to change, the way Orthodontists approach tooth movement. Movements of teeth that were previously thought difficult—if not impossible—may now be possible using implants as anchorage and using a multi disciplinary approach to treatment, all these new techniques and


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