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Your Choices in Orthodontics at Artiste Studios - L’Orthodontiste: Braces don’t have to be boring!

Standard metal braces: Ideal for children and teens, metal braces, or as we refer to them, “train tracks”, do a good job straightening teeth.


Coloured Bands

You will be thrilled to know you now have the option to add pizzazz to your braces by customising them with coloured elastic bands, and we can even change the colours at each visit!


Braces to Match Your Hollister & Co Tops

This option allows you to display your school spirit by choosing your school's colours, or celebrate a holiday with vibrant colours associated with that day, or you may choose to pick matching colours that go well with your clothing. It is primarily the elastic ties that secure the wires to the brackets that provide the colour.


Together, the ties and wires can have their colours modified. This gives you the ability to change your look as often as you wish. Studies have revealed that colourful braces might even be involved in the success of your therapy.


Increased Motivation Equals Faster Treatment

The coloured braces make things more fun and interesting, but there is another purpose behind it. Patients who show more enthusiasm about their treatments are usually a lot more cooperative about them. More receptiveness will allow faster attainment of the results that everyone is looking for.


Become A Partner in your orthodontic treatment

What an Artiste Studios’ orthodontist wants is a patient who is a partner in the treatment. When patients take responsibility, rather than behave as though braces are something that happened to them, they maintain their braces and follow the home care instructions more carefully. The bottom line for patients who are willing to do as instructed by their orthodontist is that they'll find they have much better results.


Most of the hardware is available in a wide range of shades, so there is something for everyone. Rubber bands are put in and removed daily, and even these disposable items come in an amazing range of colours. This isn't wasteful on the part of the orthodontic office. People only select coloured rubber bands if they are planning to actually wear them.


Braces don't have to be boring, the can be livened up to match any occasion. For instance, Saint Patrick's Day gives people the chance to have fun and wear green braces. You can also have fun on Halloween with orange and black combinations or on Christmas with green and red mixed.


Some people show their team spirit by wearing the colours of their team. It is not unusual for a dentist to keep a large inventory of local schools from which there is a large percentage of student patients attending. There are a lot of younger students who are thrilled about their braces matching their uniforms.


We aim to make your Orthodontic treatment a Positive Experience

Our Artiste Studios’ orthodontists are aware that creating a positive experience that is not overwhelming is essential when treating children. Not only our specialist but the rest of the team treat our child patients with a kind and understanding manner. The whole procedure of choosing the colour of their braces allows for the child to feel like they are taking part in their own treatment and asserts them that the final outcome actually does depend also on them.


But this colour craze is much more than a simple manner for the patient to flaunt his or her individuality. This trend can help patients of any age feel more enthusiastic about braces.


Increased Success through Highly Motivated and Compliant patients!

Having motivated and complying patients are the secret to our successful orthodontic treatments.


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