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Ensure success in adulthood through Premier Children and Teen Orthodontic therapies

Some dentists are only concerned about getting teeth straight, here at Artiste Studios, we aim to treat your whole face, that is, the facial bones and muscles and getting them in harmony creating a beautiful facial profile in the process. Other problems include fixing a deep overbite or reverse bite. Having a bad bite makes one vulnerable to wearing down their teeth, by excessive grinding or bruxism. Straight teeth are easier to clean avoiding the development of pockets, which harbour plaque and bacteria, leading to gum disease.


Our use of cephalometric analysis to monitor growth in children and through adolescence enables us to predict and provide growth modifications, making use of natural adolescent growth spurts to optimise orthodontic treatment.


Cool Braces to Match Hollister Co. Looks, Invisable or Clear braces also availableHere at Artiste Studios, we have a choice colour for bands, cosmetic braces and Invisalign Teen and crucially, we will begin the most suitable treatment at the best time for your child. Very importantly, we also provide quality care for your child during the duration of treatment and after. Any changes or modifications that need to be done to the treatment plan can be and will be done at any stage at no additional cost to you.


Most of our early interceptive orthodontic cases go on to have Damon System braces. They promise gentle and fast tooth movements due to their high technology friction-free brackets, resulting in faster treatment times. These are ideal for non-extraction orthodontics. The end results are beautiful straight smiles.


Invisalign Teen is a revolutionary new product that has taken the advantages of Invisalign and incorporated new features that make them suitable for teenagers. Parents who worry that compliance will be an issue with their teenagers can rest assured with the compliance indicators present on each and every aligner, ensuring that treatment is effective. If non-compliance is detected, we will switch them to fixed braces. Usually that thought is deterrent enough for compliance!


NHS orthodontics is attractive because it is free, but making patients wait till the end of the growth spurt before commencing treatment, resulting in the need for routine extractions and lengthy wear times of metal braces. Routine treatment used across the board for everyone can result in collapsed facial profiles in certain cases.


It is fact; we are programmed to like attractive people and want to emulate them. Beautiful people will have an easier life and are more successful in school, work and in their relationships. If you currently invest in everything else for your child’s future, why stop at giving them the best start to a successful life and career?


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