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Mini or Same Day Implants can be the Ideal Solution to Your Missing Teeth

Mini Implants can be ideal for replacing missing teeth or providing denture stabilisation. Mini Implants can be placed in a much shorter time than Conventional Dental Implants. You need not be discouraged by the cost or waiting time if you are in need of implants, after a full assessment with our implant specialist, your ordeal may be over and your solution at hand with Mini Implants.


Benefits of Mini Implants

■          Non-surgical, minimally invasive technique

■          No cutting or stitching of gum, often painless healing.

■          Ultra simple and speedy, immediately usable.

■          Cost effective. Surgery time savings passed on to you.

■          Designed for thinner bone. Bone Grafting not required


Artiste Studios is proud to offer premier dental implants enabling you to reclaim your right to a beautiful, fully functioning smile. We will design the implant process tailored specially to your requirements.


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