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Researchers have shown that we make snap judgments about a person's social and intellectual abilities, just by the appearance of their teeth.


Their participants associated the presence of decayed and discoloured teeth with lower levels of social and intellectual competence, and with poorer psychological adjustment.


They judged the male subjects with no apparent dental disease to be more socially competent, to show greater intellectual achievement and to be better psychologically adjusted.


The more attractive the people were the more successful, content, friendly, intelligent, sociable, accessible, exciting, creative and busy the persons were estimated. It is fact; Individuals are better received if they are attractive. You may not think you are the most attractive, but there is something you can do to improve other people’s perception of you . . . just SMILE. A person who smiles looks more appealing. Smiling is part of looking attractive to other people. If each of us smiled more, we too could be perceived as more attractive.


If you would like some advice in creating a smile you can’t help but show off, talk to us about how yours can be improved. Our multidisciplinary team is sure to be able to find a way to make you smile memorable. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation.


You will begin to be treated with more warmth and respect and start attracting more people to you.


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