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Assessment Planning

Prior to implant placement, a treatment planning phase determines the best position of the implant and the anticipated position of the crown. This is done by the Implant Surgeon with X-rays and Study Models.


Implant Placement

Relatively simple minor surgery procedure performed in sterile conditions under local anaesthetic.


For some patients, when a tooth is lost, there is loss of some bone and gum tissue as well. For these patients, augmentation (or building up) of the tissue can be performed prior to or during implant placement. The anticipated implant site is built up with either soft or hard material. This is done to achieve a better aesthetic result or a better chance of success for the implant. This is not necessary for all implants, but many patients planning single tooth replacement with implants find that this is necessary to achieve their needs. Augmentation can make the implant option possible for patient who would otherwise not be considered implant candidates.


Healing Period

A period of soft-tissue and bone healing follows for 3-6 months. Some implants can be loaded into function immediately or soon after surgery. A patient’s own denture or an adhesive bridge may be worn during the healing period.


Restorative Period

Once integrated, the implant can then be put into function with a single unit crown. An impression is made and a crown is placed at the next appointment.



It is important to note that total success depends on a regular oral hygiene maintenance schedule. Regular follow up appointments will be needed to monitor soft tissue, bone level and integrity of the restoration. All teeth need care, whether they are natural or prosthetic, and regular daily care is necessary to maintain optimal dental health.


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