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ChildDental Examination Information for Bute House Parents

Why come to the Artiste Studios Orthodontiste for child dental examination?

  • The teeth present, noting displaced, unerupted or missing teeth
  • Oral hygiene levels
  • Cavities and future susceptibility to cavities
  • Presence of gum disease/conditions
  • The soft tissue pattern
  • The position of the lips at rest
  • Tongue position during speech and swallowing
  • The presence of thumb and finger sucking habits
  • The bite, noting how much the teeth protrude and overlap, any deviation to the centerline, crowding or spacing, crossbites.
  • Whether there is any displacement of the jaws when closing
  • Skeletal discrepancy

After your initial exam you may join our child membership program for only £8 a month. This will include children's 20-point examination and cleaning every 6 months with convenient appointments.
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