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“Be as young as you feel. Feel as good as you look“ with Botox Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

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Non-surgical facial treatments can work wonders and allow you to age with confidence. During the natural aging process, lines and wrinkles develop around the face causing us to look older than we should. Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste can provide that helping hand in achieving a more relaxed, smooth facial expression and a younger more rejuvenated you!


Why wait till those wrinkles become permanent? Prevent lasting damage to the collagen in your skin by our anti-wrinkle treatments. We are well trained in the use of Botox as a wrinkle reducer. Good technique and precise placement of tiny local injections prevents transmission of nerve impulses of specific muscles, resulting in relaxation and ironing out of your wrinkles. Effects can be seen in a few days, but best results are seen in 3 weeks. The effect lasts around 4 months. Over time, hyperactivity of the muscles is reduced, and treatments can be spaced further apart.


You can feel reassured that we will only carry out treatment to your desire. A full facial consultation and analysis will be arranged to discuss your requirements.


Get the lift you were looking for Safely, Effectively and Quickly

The specialised Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste Premier wrinkle softening procedure rarely takes more than 10 minutes, involves several painless Botox injections, and can provide results that last three months or more.


Frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles around the mouth are just a few factors that can cause a person to look worn out, tired and old. Both men and women seeking to rejuvenate and revitalise their appearance have turned to Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste to achieve a younger looking complexion without the complications associated with major cosmetic surgery.


Artiste Studios – L’Orthodontiste emphasises combining good skin care with regular Facial Rejuvenation treatments for creating a long lasting, natural and radiant appearance. Less is more when it comes to cosmetic treatments and the true mark of success is when you are able to achieve as good as it gets surgery results without surgery!


Important Information about Using Botox


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