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It’s Time for Your Routine Professional Dental Hygiene; an Outstanding Experience at Artiste Studios

Essential Cleansing

In order to keep a healthy smile, dental hygiene is an extremely important method to help ensure the smile is as good as possible. With our highly trained and skilled hygienist we are able to prevent gum disease as well as dental caries.


It is known that good oral hygiene habits used from an early age are the perfect foundation for keeping teeth and gums healthy. Artiste Studios Hygienists are constantly trying to teach both our children and adults patients about the use of electronic aids, toothbrushes, dental floss and inter-dental brushes. The hygienists make sure our patient’s teeth and gums are thoroughly examined while noting any irregularities and advising as deemed appropriate. Any plaque or surface stains which are clearly visible will be removed by either by our Essential Cleansing clean and polish or by using the latest deluxe air polishing during a Diamond Cleaning session.


Our Dentist will examine you for periodontal disease during the Artiste Studios comprehensive dental checkup. A periodontal probe will be used to determine if there is any breakdown in the gum tissue and attachment or if pockets have developed between your gums and teeth. If required, you will be seen by our Periodontist for further diagnosis and treatment.



The first stage of periodontal disease, gingivitis, is the mild inflammation of the gingival caused by plaque build up. Your gingival will be red, swollen, and tender. You may also notice bleeding while you brush and floss. This stage of periodontitis is reversible.


Mild Periodontitis

Inflammation will spread to the supporting alveolar bone. Minor bone loss and the formation of periodontal pockets, or food traps, may occur.


Moderate Periodontitis         

In this stage, there will be increased gingival recession, moderate to deep pockets, moderate to severe bone loss, and mobility of teeth due to the bone loss.


Severe Periodontitis               

This is the most serious stage of periodontitis. Deep pockets, increased mobility of teeth, movement of teeth out of position, and visible fistulas (boils) will be present in this stage. Pus may develop; bone loss continues, and your teeth may loosen or fall out.


Good oral care habits need to be established from childhood and are the foundation to lifelong healthy teeth and gums. Our Dental Hygienists are highly trained in this area and will provide you with the necessary services in order to achieve your optimal oral health.


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