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An Exceptional Cosmetic Crown or Bridge is Affordable at Artiste Studios

When teeth are heavily decayed they may be too weak to survive with just a filling. By placing a crown, a tooth may be given renewed structure and strength. Even when a single tooth is lost a denture may not be required as a bridge can be made which spans the gap with a tooth attached to those next to the space. Sometimes when a single small tooth is lost at the front of the mouth a simple bridge can be made which has 'wings' that are glued to the back of the adjacent teeth. This results in less tooth being trimmed away.



Crowns restore and protect teeth that have been damaged or broken, by providing a protective cover over a tooth. Porcelain crowns are more commonly employed for their aesthetic qualities. Crowns at Artiste Studios are available in a variety of materials including gold.


Gold is usually used on the back teeth, as it has several advantages over porcelain teeth. Gold is strong in thin section and less tooth needs to be drilled away before taking the impression and fitting the crown.

Our specialised lab technician is extremely experienced working with precious metals


Porcelain is the preference for front teeth but is often used for the back teeth as well. This material can be made to appear very natural though several factors affect this and are outlined below;

Some porcelain crowns have metal inside which gives strength and support to the porcelain. This acts as a barrier for light and gives the crown a dull colour. On posterior teeth this won't be noticed but in the front of the mouth it can occasionally be a problem as the tooth looks duller than the natural teeth.


Some indications for a crown are:

  • A previously filled tooth where there now exists more filling than tooth. The existing tooth structure becomes weakened and can no longer support the filling.
  • Extensive damage by decay.
  • Discolorations and compromised aesthetics.
  • Fractures
  •  Root canal - After root canal, teeth tend to become brittle and are more apt to fracture. These teeth need to be protected by a crown.


A bridge is a dental restoration allowing the permanent replacement of one or more missing teeth. Advances in cosmetic dentistry mean that bridges can be made in a variety of materials and forms to achieve good functional and aesthetic results.


An Artiste Studios’ bridge can be used to replace lost teeth without the use of a denture or dental implant. Basically a false tooth is held in place by being attached to your tooth next door. The disadvantage is that the teeth next to the space have to be prepared in a similar way to a crown in order to accept the bridge. If these teeth already have crowns or big restorations then this is not a problem, the major concern however is when these teeth have small or no restorations (fillings).


Experienced specialists in tooth replacement, let us aid you with the right choice for your case. Come in to Artiste Studios today to learn more about all the different options we have available to you.



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