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Clenching or grinding Your Teeth? Mouth Guards for Bruxism are Specially Fabricated for You

If you suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding problems, night mouth guards are the easiest solution for it. Bruxism is the medical term given to teeth grinding. It is that annoying habit of people to make clenching sounds with their teeth as they sleep, during the night or even at times during the day.
This type of night mouth guard recommended to you by an Artiste Studios dentist is especially created to fit onto your teeth, hence being custom-fit night mouth guards

The use of night mouth guards is very important for our bruxism patients. Essentially these simple devices can protect the surface of your teeth, ensuring you of a perfectly good smile all the time. Severe bruxism can damage your natural teeth and even dentures along with causing strain on your jaw joints and muscles. Chipped or ground down teeth don't contribute to a beautiful smile at all. Without a confident smile, it is a little harder for you to face the world and its challenges. This is how important your teeth and your smile can be and why seeking treatment at Artiste Studios for this problem is essential.

There are several factors why people tend to grind their teeth:

  • Physical strain on the body may result in teeth grinding. For example, dehydration or nutrient deficiencies have been shown to be associated with   teeth grinding.
  • The involvement of psychological factors in teeth grinding include stress and anxiety.
  • Teeth grinding which occurs when one is asleep may sometimes be caused by a sleeping disorder
  • Improper alignment of teeth or fillings, crowns or bridges sitting too high, or jaw not properly aligned, may all lead to teeth grinding

Once our Artiste Studios specialist has evaluated you and the cause of your teeth grinding, they be able to instruct you on how best to solution the problem. After having eliminated all the external factors influencing your condition, a customized mouth guard can then be of best use to you.

Using night mouth guards for bruxism is imperative not only because you have to maintain your dazzling smile but you need these guards because it can keep headaches and jaw pains from developing. Night mouth guards do more than just keep your teeth from getting broken or scratched. It will also ensure you of a long and restful sleep, night after night.

See your Artiste Studios specialist today and get back your good night’s sleep. Ask about mouthguards for life™ only at Artiste Studios.


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