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New Shape, Colour and Size for your teeth, achieved through Aesthetic Enamel Sculpting by Your Artis

The Artiste Studios Aesthetic Enamel Sculpting can be used to create cosmetic enhancements for teeth either by modifying shape, colour or size. In some instances, simple reshaping of the front teeth usually without the need for anaesthesia can produce a dramatic result that corrects jagged, chipped or slightly uneven teeth. In this case, the dental sculptor becomes the maestro of art, employing sanding discs and creativity, in tandem with nature.

The balance between form and function can be achieved with Aesthetic Enamel sculpting. This artistic approach to smile design can be employed by the following ways:

Dental Veneers
A veneer of dental bonding can be placed over the front side of teeth that have become stained or discoloured as a way of enhancing their cosmetic appearance.

Closing gaps between teeth (improving a gappy smile)
Tooth bonding can be used to fill in gaps that lie between your teeth (this type of gap is called a diastema). When this technique is employed, tooth coloured composite or porcelain is bonded onto the sides of the two teeth that lie on either side of the gap, resulting in a full smile. The net effect is dramatic for such a quick and simple procedure.

Correcting minor cosmetic imperfections.
Minor to moderate cosmetic imperfections of chipped, disfigured, or misaligned teeth can be masked or corrected by Aesthetic Enamel Sculpting, returning smooth, natural, pleasing shape to your teeth.

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