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Rebuild, Restore and Reshape Your Teeth with Our Cosmetic White Fillings

White fillings, otherwise known as composite or porcelain inlays, allow teeth to be filled and rebuilt utilising new, more aesthetically pleasing material such as tooth coloured composite resins and ceramic.

Artiste Studios’ white fillings do not contain mercury and are an ideal choice for achieving long term strength in teeth that have fillings. Teeth that possess large silver amalgam or mercury fillings are at risk of fracturing because the remaining walls of the tooth are maintained separated by these traditional filling materials. These teeth can be rebuilt with aesthetic ceramic inlays, which holds the tooth together after being placed by a bonding technique as opposed to spreading it apart, preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure. This allows teeth to be safely and aesthetically restored achieving a more attractive smile.

Dental composite fillings - Tooth bonding can be used to create white fillings (composite fillings) for your teeth.

Dental composite fillings for front teeth.
Dental composite (the restorative that is used with tooth bonding technique) has been the material of choice for creating tooth-coloured fillings for front teeth for many decades. Because dental composite comes in a wide range of different shades of white, it will typically mimic the colour of the tooth on which it is placed very closely.

White fillings for back teeth.
Ceramic Inlays are the recommended restorative for large fillings placed in the back teeth. Patients often like this option because being fabricated outside of the mouth, a ceramic inlay allows more precision, excellent aesthetic detail and better marginal adaptation to your teeth. This results in longer lasting, stronger fillings.


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