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Signature Bonded Ceramics Crowns & Veneers Crafted by our Premier Dental Lab

Our signature crowns and veneers transmit light better and have a translucent appearance giving a more natural, beautiful look. They are truly a remarkable option and the only recommendation for all aesthetic abnormalities.


We use CAD-CAM technology combined with a premier ceramic system that sets standards for the highest quality dental aesthetics, imitating nature perfectly.


Sophisticated layering techniques, blending art and science, enable us to achieve a sensational effect. Long-lasting dental aesthetics is not a matter of chance, but a constant reality.  There are no "dark lines" that are sometimes seen with traditional crowns or veneers.


Benefits of Artiste Studios Signature Bonded Ceramics

■         Outstanding Aesthetics. Perfect integration and complete blending with natural teeth.

■         Biocompatible Ceramic Materials. Wear almost like natural tooth enamel and do not irritate the gums

■         Excellent Fit. Fit accurately with optimum marginal seal.

■         Unparalled Strength. Long-lasting and reliable.


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