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Tooth loss is no longer an inevitable consequence of aging! Dental implants or bridges replace missing teeth and help restore lost volume caused by tooth loss. Implants are the closest thing to mimicking natural teeth and are the first choice for all missing teeth nowadays.


Do you have difficulty chewing or eating your favorite foods?

Talk to us about how implants can help improve your quality of life. Dental implants can be used with a crown tooth placed on top, or as an aid in denture stabilisation. Visit our Dental Implant page for more information.

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Do you sometimes suffer with halitosis or chronic bad breath? You may have gum disease. Misaligned teeth or poorly fitting dentures are large contributory factors to gum disease. See our specialist for gum treatment and orthodontics to straighten your teeth making them easier to clean.

[Link to Inman Aligners]


Are you embarrassed by your smile? Cosmetic dentistry is a very popular and easy way to make you look refreshed and youthful without surgery.  Crowns and bridges can restore.

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Brighten your smile to look years younger effortlessly! Teeth whitening of 8 shades or more is the easiest way to have a makeover instantly! See what whitening can do for your smile.

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