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Cosmetic Dentistry specially for Mums, they get extra special treatment

Yummy Mummy Dental Treatments

Artiste Studios believes, not only is it important for your health so you don’t put things off, but mums need to be able to treat themselves. When you have a small child constantly attached to your hip, it can be very difficult to get anything done. It can prove to be difficult feeling attractive when you can’t visit the gym, beauty spa or simply have your teeth whitened.


We want to really help mums give themselves the attention they deserve, to live fulfilling lives, and feel like they can have the treatment they need to keep them smiling while playing with their little ones.


We can try to schedule your appointments such that your treatment gets completed in a minimum number of visits as well as offer convenient appointment times for you. Our large and spacious surgeries also mean that there is ample space for your buggies. Come visit us for a latte and see how relaxing in our studios can be a part of your morning routines.


Always wanted to have some work done to your teeth but didn’t want your colleagues to find out? Now is the ideal time to have your smile improved- with no tell tale office downtime required!


We have a variety of Cosmetic Orthodontic techniques that mean that your treatment can be discreet and completed even before anyone notices anything. Invisalign braces are very gentle and inconspicuous and easily fit into your life. With our Invisalign Offer for Mums, you can have your teeth straightened and we will give you professional teeth whitening (from Zoom!) for free! Straighter teeth not only look good but are also much easier to clean ensuring that you are no longer at greater risk of developing bad breath and gum disease.  [Invisalign]


Our Premier Signature Veneers and Crowns can be completed without anyone knowing in a matter of days rejuvenating your smile drastically. [Cosmetic Dentistry]


Cosmetic Dentistry for Mums

Mums often use new hairstyles, or spa visit to rejuvenate themselves or to stay trendy, but often overlook their teeth! A brighter smile can make a world of difference. Done properly cosmetic teeth enhancements such as whitening and simple smile makeovers can take years off your face. “A better smile increased my confidence and makes me look and feel more youthful"


Teeth whitening and veneer makeovers are amongst the most sought after treatments carried out on mums alike each week at Artiste Studios.


We are now seeing a lot of mums and grannies who are approaching their 40s and 50s deciding to have their teeth fixed. Is this something you are missing out on?


Straightening teeth is just one of the many cosmetic dentistry treatments available to improve a smile along with our Premier Signature veneers and extensive array of orthodontic treatment.


Our aim is to provide a full service for mums in a setting they will want to repeatedly come to have a much deserved break and relax. As per one mother of two, she thought “It’s about time I spend a bit of money and effort looking after myself. I don't want to be one of those mothers that their children are embarrassed by the way they look. I am extremely image conscious and have even had some botox injections done at Artiste Studios and have a personal trainer at my gym.”


Botox and Restylane

If you have been thinking of having those worry lines smoothened, come in to see what can be done for you. [facial rejuvenation]



Whitening is the easiest way to improve your smile and brighten up your face instantly. We offer in-studios whitening with Whiter Teeth in an Hour and Our Brightness Whitening Guarantee! Or your money back. Our promise.


We are so sure that you will be delighted with the results that you get from us. We wouldn’t promise otherwise.


Our Hygiene Services

Women, especially those with a family history of oral issues need to visit us for dental hygiene more often. The hormones released during pregnancy can often lead to the onset of gum disease. In addition, those who snack on refined foods are more likely to suffer from tooth decay. All these conditions can be controlled and some even prevented by ensuring that your teeth are kept clean through daily brushing and flossing.



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