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Braces, Veneers and Me

Someone asked me the other day if they could have straight teeth like mine. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, and went through all the different orthodontic treatment options available at Artiste Studios in order to straighten teeth and which option might be most suitable for their particular case. Now, sitting down and going over what the patient said, I started looking back and remembering my elementary school pictures. My teeth didn’t always look like this.


I had always had straight teeth when I was a child and never my parents thought that I would have to wear braces until my dentist pointed out that the little pointy teeth that had come through to replace my front baby lateral teeth (the ones on either side of the front incisor teeth) would stay that shape and size and the spaces would not close on their own. He described the condition as having conoid laterals. Conoid teeth are shapped in a more pointy inverted cone manner and are not aestehtically pleasing since they leave gaps where tooth structure of a normal tooth shape should be.



Smiling more now that you got your braces? Must be Invisalign!

The virtually invisible way to straighten teeth


Braces have come a long way since you or your mates had train tracks placed on wonky, protruding teeth during adolescence. Some even had the whole head gear and elastics look that was much cause for ridicule. Now imagine being able to get a straight, Hollywood smile, without anyone even noticing you were in treatment? Instead of locking your lips and hiding unsightly metal brackets and wires, you can speak freely and smile as much as you dare with the confidence that you never imagined possible, all while wearing braces.


You may have already heard of this revolutionary orthodontic method in the media since many are the Hollywood stars and International Super models that have corrected their signature grins with Invisalign. But we don’t have to go as far as celebrities to evaluate the incredible results these virtually invisible aligners can achieve, actually, your work colleague is probably wearing their aligners right this very moment!

Premier Invisalign



Why should anyone know you are missing teeth!? Flexible Dentures

No more metal and not hard bits? No way!


The word dentures alone, makes anyone cringe. The thought of having this non aesthetic, uncomfortable hard plastic and metal, poorly adapted, constantly traumatising soft tissue and neighbouring teeth, vicariously sitting in one’s mouth, is not a very motivational one.  New innovative materials have been able to revolutionise this horrific image and restore smiles without causing any further distress of what one already feels due to having lost or extracted teeth.



The Latest “Must Have” Membership

It’s not just at your gym, local cinema, golf country club or nightlife hot spot that you can become an exclusive member of in order to benefit from fantastic savings, priority listing for services or special “members only” offers. You can now be part of an elite group of savvy people that have chosen to take control of their long term oral health and save money without compromising quality here at Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, Premier Dental Specialists.


With rising costs and scarcity of exceptional dental treatment along with dwindling extent of coverage with dental insurance plans, it is essential that you have an alternative in order to minimise your routine dental costs and facilitate larger treatment payments when a dental problem does suddenly arise.


Becoming a member means so much more than just signing up to get treatment. At Artiste Studios, joining the practice as a Preferred Client/Corporate Member means the savings are tremendous and the continuous quality care is above and beyond what any typical dental or orthodontic practice can provide or most dental insurance schemes can even attempt to cover. Link to Preferred Client/Corporate Membership



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logo2-250-100Our Specialist in Orthodontics recommends that you start your orthodontic treatment now in time for graduation or starting job interviews as treatment typically take one to two years to ensure the best results. Of course you can start treatment as young as 7 in order to get the best results. Artiste Studios - L'Orthodontiste, London's Premier Orthodontic Center, has a wide variety of options from invisible to nearly invisible to short treatments to suit your lifestyle.

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Invisalign Teen clear braces that you or your friends will not even notice. Call Artiste Studios - Invisalign Platinum Provider today!

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